Privacy Policy

VALENCIANA DE MECANIZACIÓN S.A. (from now Valmeca) considers essential to assure the protection of personal details from its members, required for giving a correct service to them. So, with the purpose of protecting the privacy of all those interested (data holder's), we reveal the present privacy policy and we engage to assure legal requirements stipulated in legislation and regulation applicable in the matter.

Then, in compliance with Organic Law 15/1999, of protection of personal details, by means the present document Valmeca makes known:


Valmeca, with head office in C/Villa de Bilbao, 14 Polígono Industrial "Fuente del Jarro", Paterna (Valencia) is titular of different files registered in the RGPD, dependent of the AEPD, who can be consulted in the web:

Concretely, data obtained through the present web will be incorporated to file CONTACTOS, to whom it will be applied the present privacy policy.


The file CONTACTOS has, as the most important characteristics, the following:

a) Finality

Finality in collection of file's data is to offer the required information by interested in products of Valmeca and to send publicity in the future about products that Valmeca values as interesting.

b) Treatment officers

At the moment, there is not third party with access to this file that obliges to sign a contract like article 12 from Organic Law of protection of personal details indicates. In case of this happen, Valmeca will regulate by contract the use and confidentiality of personal details, in accordance with the legality in force.

c) Consent

By means filling in the contact form contained in Valmeca's web, the interested consents that his personal details will be incorporated into mentioned file, being object of automated treatment by Valmeca according with this privacy policy.

III) Security measures

Valmeca has adopted the security levels required by law about personal details protection and has installed all the means and technical measures within its range for avoiding the lost, badly use, alteration, non authorised access and robbery of them.

IV) Access rights, rectification, cancellation and opposition

The interested, holders of data contained in file CONTACTOS (as well as holders of data contained in any other one file belonging to Valmeca) will be able to address to Valmeca, as responsible of files, with the purpose of using their rights of access, cancellation, rectification, and opposition about data incorporated in treatment. These rights have a character very personal, so they only will be able to be used for the own interested, or his legal representative, subject accreditation of his identity or, in that case, of his representation.

A. Access right: it will be able to use with annual periodicity, except accredited legitimate interest. When the access right is used, the interested will be able to choose among the following systems of file consultation:

- Sending of e-mail to

- comunicación por escrito dirigida a: VALMECA, C/ Villa de Bilbao,
- Communication in writing addressed to Valmeca, C/Villa de Bilbao, 14 Polígono Industrial "Fuente del Jarro" Paterna (Valencia)
- Connection by phone to number 96 134 01 21 (To ask for M. José Luis Mengod)

Valmeca will proceed to notify its decision within a month. If was affirmative, the interested will be able to access to mentioned information within ten days following at his notification.

B. Rights of rectification and cancellation: it will be able to use according the following forecasts, provided that the interested consider that data included in our files are inexact, incomplete, inappropriate or excessive. In this case, he will be able to use by means of some way above provided.

Valmeca will proceed to rectification or cancellation within ten days following at receipt of the requirement.

V.- Change of normative

Valmeca withholds the right of modifying the present privacy policy in order to adapting at legal or jurisprudential newness as derived from existent type codes on the matter. Such changes will be communicated in due time into our web page, without prejudice to reclaim necessary consent of damaged when this is not considerate graced according to the terms of present policy.

Whatever doubts, questions or commentaries you might experience with present normative, please do not hesitate in consulting addressing your communication on the matter to