Accessories for extinguishers
  · Valves
  · Hose
  · Dip Tube
  · Accessories for valves
· Fire hose reel
· Fire hydrant
· Fire hydrant cover
· Empty extinguishers
· Fire extinguisher cabinet
· Couplings
· Branch pipes
· Dividers
· Landing valves
· Forest equipment
· LPG manual valves
· Gas portable stove
· Self-contained breathing apparatus

Valenciana de Mecanización, S.A.  was founded in 1974 and actually is a firm leader in the Spanish market about manufacture of valves and accessories for fire extinguisher. In February of 1998, this company got the Registered Firm Certification for the standard UNE-EN ISO 9002: 94.

Ours installations have an excellent approach by road and they are near to the airport of Manises. We have about 3.300 m2 with the following distribution:

- Store:......................................1.000 m2

- Fabrication:.............................1.600 m2
- Offices and Laboratory:..............700 m2
Our fabrication consists of four sections:

- Lathes line: For machining of the components. Includes automatic cam lathes, multispindle lathes and CNC lathes.

- Transfers line: For machining of bodies valve.

- Auxiliary machines:  For machining  of second operations in certain components

- Finished area: For treatment of all pieces, components as well as bodies valves.

Since 2001 the company began its expansion into the African market and it was increasing the range of products, covering any product currently on fire fighting.

We have technical office with 3D design software for the design of our products, metrology laboratory and laboratory tests with salt spray chamber for corrosion tests.


VALMECA, S.A.   C/Villa de Bilbao nº 14   Polígono Fuente del Jarro  46988 VALENCIA (ESPAÑA)
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